Soda Pop Tax is Coming

…there’s at least one law that passed yesterday and should be celebrated: The forthcoming, first-ever soda tax imposed in America which passed yesterday in Berkeley, Calif. with over three-quarters of the vote.

…The tax in Berkeley will now be added to the price of sugary sodas, energy drinks, iced tea, and juices, but won’t effect diet sodas, milk, natural fruit and vegetable juices and baby formula, CBS in the Bay Area reports.

Source: Hey, Soda, This Is the Beginning of the End For You

The tax is 1 cent per ounce. For a 20 ounce bottle, assuming a base price of $1.50 – that’ll be approximately 13%. For a 12-pack of cans, an extra $1.44. Call the base price $10, which seems high, and it’s a 14.4% tax.

Consider that drinking soda pop daily can shorten your life