Fashion: Compression Socks and Hose Are No Longer for Grandma

Until recently, compression tights were sold mostly at pharmacies as well as retailers catering to older men and women. The tights and socks are snug-fitting hosiery made from tightly woven materials like cotton and nylon. They are meant to help increase circulation in the legs and minimize the swelling that can result from prolonged sedentariness.

Long a medical necessity for some pregnant women and others who are at risk for deep-vein thrombosis or blood clots, the tights are now beginning to come into vogue among stylish women who sit on uncomfortably small airplane seats during long-haul travel.

Source: Compression Socks and Hose Are No Longer for Grandma

The article talks about how compression socks have come into vogue after the rest of the Mad Men fashion.  Similarly, compression socks are popular in athletics now too.  The article focuses on the variety available now, but not the details – there’s no talk about grade, just price.  Which can be important to those of us who want both medical grade and style.

I recently started wearing compression socks at work.  I work at a desk, and with my history – am higher risk than most.  I got the strongest compression I could without a medical prescription.  I’m not conscious of benefits like easing muscle pain and swelling, but there’s a little piece of mind that I’ve probably made a good choice.  I do notice the warmth, likely due to more coverage.  Though I know I should, I don’t like to stop every hour to stretch the legs when driving for long periods – compression stuff would alleviate some of the guilt.

I was thinking of wearing compression socks/tights rather than leg warmers or tights when cycling.  I’ve heard from lots about problems with leg warmers falling down – either not elastic enough, poor sizing, or the material broke down.  There appears to be little to no value in the “activity” recovery socks you can find in athletic/running stores beyond staying in place.  But being on the cusp of medical grade compression might not be the best idea for exercise either.  But the compression stuff I’ve seen seems to be thin material, which can affect how snug a shoe fits in addition to concerns about warmth.  I’ll definitely be layering socks.