Vegans: Better Skin?

Can cutting meat and dairy from your diet—even part-time—make your skin glow? Lily Simpson, the chef behind The Detox Kitchen, a London-based meal-delivery service, thinks so. “I go vegan every other week and, when I am eating meat, I stick to fish and lean white meat,” she told the Daily Mail. “I definitely notice I have brighter, clearer skin since going part-time vegan.”

Source: Do Part-Time Vegans Have Better Skin?

Skin is just one aspect.  The article suggests partial adoption, as compared to full-on.  The underlying suggestion is the same as other posts in the past: Eat less, eat more plants, generally eat better.

There are some who will sneer at part-timers, because of ideological reasons.  Meh, be happy for awareness and exposure in a positive light.  Let them make the choice for themselves, and what suits their lifestyle.