Eat the Enemy: Dine on Invasive Species

We seem to live in a world of bizarre culinary trends, quickly-evolving health research and a barrage of eat-this-not-that PSAs. Deciding what to put on the dinner table has never been more of a battle, as experts decry America’s obsession with meat and factory farming, significant contributors to climate change and the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

But what if there were a sustainable source of food you could eat, and actually help out the planet? And what if it were (mostly) free?

Source: Eat The Enemy: How You Can Help The Planet, And Your Appetite, By Dining On Invasive Species

Kangaroos (vermin) aren’t on the list, but others are suggesting that roos should be.  I remember the suggestion for lionfish coming up in the past.   It makes sense to try to reign in the population with monetary/culinary incentives.