Potential Egg Shortage? Might Have to Shell Out

A new regulation is set to take effect in California at the beginning of next year that will force hen houses to allocate significantly more room to each egg-laying chicken.

Birds, long afforded a minimum of only 67 square inches a piece, will now need roughly 116 square inches—a more than 70 percent increase—if eggs are to be sold in the state. That extra space won’t come free of charge, a cost that will almost certainly fall on consumers.

Egg prices could jump by as much as 20 percent in California as a result of the the new rules, Dermot J. Hayes, an agribusiness professor at Iowa State University in Ames, told Bloomberg.

Source: California could be on the verge of a severe egg shortage, and it will affect the whole country

It will be interesting to see if history repeats itself, given the result of similar regulations in Europe.  Speaking from local perspective, farms don’t make money.  To put it another way – do you know any wealthy farmers?  They’re as rare as hen’s teeth 😉