Would You Wear a Wedding Dress Made from Fungus?

After the recent dress discussion, give it time – this will grow on you…   I’m itching just thinking about this disaster.

Would you wear clothing grown from a mixture of yeast, bacteria and a sugary green tea solution? How about from a combination of plant matter and microscopic mushrooms? These odd materials may sound like something out of the Jetsons’ wardrobe, but they could have an influence on how fashion is manufactured.

“I think the ability for us to grow our own clothing could have great positive potential,” says Erin Smith, artist in residence at Microsoft Research who brewed her own wedding dress. “Growing clothing from scratch could both eliminate carbon emissions caused by transportation and allow for a garment that can be grown to your precise dimensions and specifications.”

Source: Would you wear a wedding dress made from fungus?

It’s over. We’ve been out-lentilled.  We can all pack up our elopements, thrift store wedding dresses, locally-sourced hand-hewn engagement ring made out of 100% recyclable materials, vegan wedding cakes and go home.

The article is an interesting read, giving some perspective on biomaterials for clothing.  That said, I’m a bit leery about the lack of photos. Pret A Portabella 😉

…but I can’t help with the snark:

  • the mushrooms are retaining water
  • what does the groom wear?
  • that‘s not a mushroom
  • that’s not a dress you can recycle…  Traditionally you were supposed to use the fabric to make your kids’ christening outfits.  Now I understand why all those old christening outfits looked like doilies…
  • you can saute the mushrooms the day after
  • no mention of colour?
  • whip cream would probably do the same job
  • If you wanna cut down on fabric, go with the hotpants dress
  • Lady Gaga quote anyone?

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