How to Choose Between a Gas, Induction, or Electric Cooktop

A stove is a combination of a cooktop, and an oven.

Remodeling a kitchen means lots of decisions, but few are as important to your cooking as what type of cooktop (or range) you want. Here’s a primer on the three options to help you choose the one that suits you best.

For years the choice was always between gas or electric, and if you didn’t have a gas line to the kitchen, the choice was made for you. Induction cooktops, which have been popular in Europe for years, are now gaining a foothold in America and have become an attractive third option.

Source: How to Choose Between a Gas, Induction, or Electric Cooktop

I don’t agree with the claim that a gas provides “instant heat”.  You can provide all the heat you want, the pan/pot/skillet/etc needs to heat up.  …and I might have managed to turn the gas on, but not ignite the gas in the past. 😉

Be aware that it is still possible to burn yourself on induction cooktops.  The induction warms/heats the cookware, which will heat the surface of the cooktop.

The article doesn’t mention what you can use to cook on the cooktop.  The flat top cooktop (induction or electric) doesn’t do well with cast iron.  The flat top will be fine, if you don’t move the skillet/frying pan.  Depending on temperature, you could try using a silicon sheet (like the Silpat) but there’s still a chance at high temps that you could melt the silicon pad onto your cooktop.

Having lived with old-school electrical cooktops, I do not miss them.  I don’t miss putting aluminum foil in the bottoms, mainly to make cleaning easier.

Cleaning a flat top is very easy, especially when you get the tool.  It’s basically an old-school razor blade in a plastic housing.  Mine is about the size of a business or credit card.  It works like an Exacto knife – it’s retraced until you move it out, and you only so far to extend it.  How long it lasts depends on how you cook.  But a flat top always looks dirty to me, even if it isn’t – similar to the smear you see on touchscreens (tablets, smartphones, etc).