The Restaurant Secret for Tastier Salads: Add Salt

The salt?  It comes from the staff’s fresh tears 😉 😀

The other night I ate one of my favorite restaurant meals: a finely chopped arugula and radicchio salad with tiny, crispy-yet-melting bits of fried onions, and paper-thin shards of sharp cheese. It’s a fabulous salad, but it’s one I’ve never been able to recreate at home. Unlike many restaurant dishes, which I feel can be recaptured at home with a little detective work, salads can just taste so much better when you’re out.

Here are a few reasons why that it is — and a few ways to make up the difference at home.

Source: 5 Reasons Your Salad Probably Tastes Better at a Restaurant

Or, try adding a little sugar. Diabetic? Use liquid artificial sweetener.