Are Limited Lifespans An Evolutionary Adaptation?

Since the time of Darwin, evolutionary biologists have wondered why the lifespans of different species vary so significantly. A new model now suggests that the life expectancy of any given species is a function of evolutionary pressures — a conclusion that hints at the potential for powerful anti-aging interventions in humans.

Source: Are Limited Lifespans An Evolutionary Adaptation?

I always take issue with lengthening the human lifespan.  The inevitable competition for resources, considering that population growth is [currently] logarithmic.  Resources includes jobs – locally, we have seniors competing with teens for jobs because the seniors don’t have enough accumulated via  investments or a pension.  Then there’s the question: will long life be a matter of quantity vs quality?  At some point I will have to surrender my drivers license (assuming cars aren’t self-driving), but being unable to look after myself is not what I consider “living”.

The article does not mention:

  • telomeres, which are generally regarded as an indication of mortality
  • species lifespan in the wild vs captivity