Fix Your Hand Position for Better Push-Ups

The tips also apply to yoga – plank related postures.

According to Mountain Athlete strength and conditioning coach Adam Scott, a perfect push-up can challenge even the fittest athletes when done correctly, but can also be rendered completely useless when done wrong. And a lot of people do them wrong.

These are three most common mistakes Scott and his colleagues see, and their comprehensive guide to correcting them.

Source: You’re Doing Your Push-Ups Wrong

Army form is completely different than what someone would do as a pushup for exercise. The reason a soldier would set their hands wider is because on the Army Physical Fitness Test.   You need to maximize your reps in two minutes, so you’re not looking for effectiveness of the exercise but for the ability to move as little as possible during each rep.  If I can reduce my travel by 4 inches that is 8 inches I save on every rep. Every rep is time. Specially when you’re shoulder blades must break the plane, and your triceps must be parallel to the ground for the rep to count.

I really wish people would research more on the exercises they do, and watch themselves perform using a mirror . I see it all the time with normal push-ups. They scrunch their shoulders, lower themselves three to five inches and count that as one rep… Honestly, if you can’t do one proper normal push-up, you’re too weak. Do push-ups from the knees then. There’s no shame in being weak because everyone starts out like that but there is shame in poor form and not understanding your limits.