Make Your Own Fermented Beverages, With or Without a Starter

Many folks have jumped on the kombucha bandwagon, and it’s clear why—that vinegary, effervescent kick (with a bonus of probiotics) is a welcome thrill in the world of “before 5 o’clock” drinks. And the best part is that kombucha is just the beginning: It’s not alone in its world of sour drinkables. For your experimenting pleasure, there are two categories of fermented drinks: those that require a starter or SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), and those that do not (wild ferments).

Source: How to Make a 6-Pack of Homemade Fermented Drinks

Once you have a couple of wild fermentables under your belt, consider getting a little more granola and trying your hand with a SCOBY; I can’t wait to try jun tea, which is apparently the “champagne of kombuchas.”