Marijuana Exposure in Utero has Lifelong Consequences

As marijuana is legalized in more states, questions about its safety and the health consequences of cannabis use are becoming mainstream. A new study published in PNAS finds that use of cannabis by pregnant women can have implications for the neural development of her child and that some of the consequences continue into adulthood, So, like alcohol, another recreational drug that is legal in the US, marijuana is likely best avoided by pregnant women.

…This study isn’t conclusive about effects in humans; it was done in mice, and it used a regular dose that may not reflect human use habits. But at a bare minimum, these findings suggest we should be avoiding recreational cannabis use during pregnancy. Perhaps someday soon legal marijuana will come with a “do not consume while pregnant” warning, just like alcohol does.

Source: Marijuana exposure in utero has lifelong consequences

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There are many reasons a pregnant woman would want to know if it is safe to consume marijuana during pregnancy that aren’t just her being stupid selfish person wanting to get high and not caring about the baby. During the first trimester, marijuana can help with the often debilitating nausea. In the third trimester, it can help with the pain and discomfort especially when trying to sleep. Marijuana can also help with anxiety throughout pregnancy. We should not just dismiss the potential benefits of marijuana offhand because frat boys like to do bong rips and watch silly movies on Tuesday nights. There are legitimate medical benefits and studying if there are lasting harmful effects could provide relief to pregnant women.