My Bridal Fitness Plan

Not mine.   Well, more fitness, less bridal…

For the past eight weeks I’ve been waking up and doing 135 crunches before I do anything else. I pad into the living room at 7:10 a.m., unroll my yoga mat, hook my toes under the hem of our IKEA couch, and crunch, barely awake. I do 15 where my wrists graze the tops of my knees, 15 where my fingertips tap the tops of my feet, and then 15 laying flat, lifting my legs straight up from the hips and lowering them slowly. I do three sets of these 15s. Then I take a shower, go to work, order an egg and cheese from the deli across the street, and house it hunched over at my desk like a shrew.

Then I think about how badly I want a muffin, and then three days out of five, I go get a muffin.

This is my bridal fitness plan.

Source: My Bridal Fitness Plan

Or you could half-assedly do Weight Watchers and Zumba… More to dance around like a fool and de-stress than anything else, if you want a human approach to it. Or don’t. Or just eat the muffin. Yes, you ideally “only get married once”, but I counter-argue that you’re not going to be on your deathbed like, “I’m so glad that I treated myself like crap for that year all to take a few pictures when no one really gave a toss that I was a dress size bigger than I was in college.”

You know what? Come sit by me. We can share a muffin, if that will help the guilt… but only if it’s lemon poppyseed because that’s my favorite. But, really, I promise… just showing up to the wedding is enough. *hugs*