Weight Loss Apps No Better at Helping Shed Pounds Than Pamphlets

Relying on a smartphone-based strategy to lose weight may be the wrong call, a new study finds.

After a two-year trial, young adults (aged 18 to 35) who used one of two phone-centered methods to trim their waistlines fared no better at chucking the chub than a control group—who received three handouts on exercise and healthy eating. The findings, reported in the journal Obesity, cast doubt that popular weight loss apps will alone offer significant help in curbing health problems in this vulnerable age group, the authors concluded.

Source: Weight loss apps no better at helping shed pounds than pamphlets

Health and fitness need to come from intrinsic motivation. Not from apps, fitness gadgets… Things that make the logistics of your weight loss easier… They’re an easier way to log and track your activity, but you still have to go out and be active. They’re a space-saving food diary with easy access to reference material – but you still have to put the effort in to make the diary. It takes the tedium out of all the data recording and analysis, which, while annoying, is nothing compared to the roadblock that is a lack of personal motivation.  Extrinsic motivation, no matter what it is, is always short term.