Creating a New Habit Comes Down to Four Factors

Forming positive habits, like eating healthy or exercising regularly, is probably the most repeated new years resolution.  Many try and many fail.  Trying, and failing, to get started with exercise is particularly common and for some there is a constant cycle of working out and relapsing back into inactivity.  The reason for many of these failings is that there is no system to creating new habits.  People are literally running around without any idea of what they’re doing hoping that their will power alone will work until the behavior sticks.  Unfortunately relying on sheer will power alone will inevitably lead to burn out.  There needs to be some sort of guided approach, a system tending towards the 4 or 5 most important actionable items that will greatly increase the chance of success.

Source: Netflix or Gym: Why some habits are easier to form than others

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the reward is being thinner.  Recently I made a change for both INR considerations, money and weight loss.  I feel better about eating food that is less processed, my INR is back to the usual consistency, but the weight loss aspect works but leaves a little to be desired.