Make Canned Cranberry Sauce Look Homemade With a Can of Whole Cranberries

Have you no shame?!

The centerpiece roast turkey, the spread of casseroles, the pumpkin pie (and, likely, the apple pie too) — there’s no shortage of to-dos come Thanksgiving. So when there’s an opportunity to make your prep work a tad easier, it’s indeed tempting to give in. Hear from The Kitchen‘s Sunny Anderson about how she transforms a tried-and-true store-bought staple — the infamous canned cranberries — into an all-new side dish.

Source: Sunny Anderson’s Canned Cranberry Thanksgiving Hack

If you cook whole cranberries for a couple of minutes in boiling mixture of sugar, water, and orange juice…  The berries burst all on their own, and you get a really nice cranberry sauce.