How to Quickly Dry Shoes

I came across the following video recently – it’s cycling oriented, but applies to any footwear really (running etc):

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Take out the insoles to let them dry on their own
  2. I don’t know about “nappies”, but newspaper is what you really want to absorb the moisture
  3. Check the paper every hour or so, swapping out for fresh stuff if the paper is saturated and the shoes are still damp
  4. Ambient temperature of the room matters – shouldn’t be too cold/damp, or too hot (above 20 C/68 F)

Sometimes I grab a stack of the free newspapers at the grocery store.  Because every cycling “bootie” (the cover people put over their cycling shoes) I’ve used amounts to keeping the crud on the road off my shoes.  Once the bootie gets saturated with water, that water ends up in the shoe anyway.

Newspaper has been used in cycling for decades – lots of Tour de France stories about guys loading up their cycling jersey with newspaper to both insulate themselves and absorb water/moisture.