Roast Your Pumpkin Pie Filling Before Baking for a More Decadent Pie

I thought I knew pumpkin pie — I mean, you can’t really beat the classic — and then Ruth Reichl comes along and drops this bombshell on me, and now I feel like I’ve been lying to myself about the gloriousness of my pies for years. I would be disheartened if I weren’t so dang excited to bake more pie this Thanksgiving. Enough teasing — here’s what Ruth Reichl has to say on the subject of pumpkin pie.

Source: Ruth Reichl’s Smart Tip for Better Pumpkin Pie

Would making your own purée make up for this, since you roast the pumpkin to begin with?

I think that would replicate the first of the two methods she tested (roasting plain puree). But the point of the second method (the tastier one) is that you mix in the sugar and spices before roasting.