Why Did the Turkey Stop Being Sacred?

When you’re starving, anything tastes good.

Not long ago, archaeologists excavating a thousand-year-old Native American village near Dove Creek, Colorado, found a mass grave of turkeys, containing the remains of more than 50 birds, young and old. This wasn’t a cache of bones leftover from turkey dinners. Instead, the carcasses had been carefully arranged within a circle of stones and buried in the floor of a small structure.

Archaeologists say the ceremonial burial, found in 2012, is a striking reminder of a time when many North Americans valued the turkey as a sacred being, not a special holiday meal.

Source: We used to revere turkeys, not eat them

Maybe it was around the time long range weapons were developed, so the Puebloan peoples no longer had to risk life and limb getting close to those vicious terror birds.  Wild turkeys are ugly, little feathered Velociraptors