Google Wants to Patent a Blood-Sucking Smartwatch

Just when you thought our data-driven lifestyles were getting a little weird, Google wants to make it creepy. The company just filed a patent application for a “needle-free blood draw” device that can be implanted in a wearable. It’s the vampiric smartwatch you never asked for.

Source: Google Wants to Patent a Blood-Sucking Smartwatch

The patent doesn’t describe using a needle, but by blasting a gas-powered microparticle into the skin and then drawing a small vial of blood into a pressurized container…

The first use most people think about for this is glucose monitoring, for Type 1 diabetes.  But I recently learnt that INR testing needs to be done within 4 hours of being drawn.  I don’t need that frequent monitoring, but know others who do – their longest period between INR tests was a week.  Weekly tests for me means alternating arms… 😦

That said, it’s just a patent filing.  IBM was long known for patenting without producing products.  It’s preemptive, and not how patents were intended to be used.  And I don’t particularly like that someone can patent something without a functioning prototype…