Skip Insane Airline Fees When Traveling with a Bicycle with the “Bananas Box and Chop” Method

The video is quite low budget, but the airline fees for bikes are crazy.  More than crazy, I’ve heard numerous stories about fees being inconsistently applied.  Little to no cost for one flight, $300+ for the next – all the stories suggest that the fee is entirely discretionary by the attendant you are dealing with.

Another issue with putting a bike on a plane is the nightmare when there’s damage.  So as much as the packing tip is interesting, I’d be really hesitant to use it for sake of needing to claim damage.

The most interesting tip I got recently was a friend shipped their bike.  A shop broke the bike down and packed in a box for a fat bike.  For those who don’t know what a “fat bike” is, they’re a recent  fad in cycling intended for bombing around in snow.  No suspension, but enormous tires (which provide suspension of a sort).  So there’s lots of space in a fat bike box that can be packed to really minimize damage to the frame and parts…  I don’t know the cost, but it might be worth shipping separately if that is possible.