Put Down the Acai Juice: Antioxidants Are Not a Miracle Cure

Antioxidants are the master of the health halo: put them in a yogurt, and that yogurt is now a health food. Marketers took that idea and ran, but the science was slim—and the more they research the more scientists find out that antioxidants aren’t the magical disease-shield we’ve been led to believe.

Source: Put Down the Acai Juice: Antioxidants Are Not a Miracle Cure

People need to be careful about these claims that eating or taking such and such will prevent, reverse, cure cancer. There are many types of cancer; it’s not one disease.
When a gene “goes nuts for no apparent reason” that’s exactly the kind of DNA damage that antioxidants are theoretically supposed to prevent: damage happens all the time, our bodies fix it, but every now and then something slips through the cracks and with the right kind of bad luck that can contribute to a cell becoming cancerous.

This is not the same as saying someone is to blame for not eating, or doing a certain thing. Even among things we know cause cancer, like smoking and tanning, you can’t guarantee what will happen.  Plenty of non smokers get lung cancer, for example. There is no “get out of cancer free card” and antioxidants definitely aren’t it.