Poverty Stunts IQ in the US, But Not in Other Developed Countries

As a child develops, a tug of war between genes and environment settles the issue of the child’s intelligence. One theory on how that struggle plays out proposes that among advantaged kids—with the pull of educational resources—DNA largely wins, allowing genetic variation to settle smarts. At the other end of the economic spectrum, the strong arm of poverty drags down genetic potential in the disadvantaged.

Source: Poverty stunts IQ in the US but not in other developed countries

Perhaps the difference in results between the US and other countries is that other countries tend to have a cohesive national curriculum that is unified, plus more evenly distributed education funding and better distribution of good teachers, whereas the US’ educational system is piecemeal and broken down by state and municipal subdivisions, with the poorest regions being where the worst teachers are dumped and with terribly distribution of education funding