This Two-Ingredient “Cocktail” Is as Festive as It Is Easy

…a chance encounter two years ago finally landed me a simple holiday drink I love. During a December dinner, I was discussing my newfound love of amaros – the Italian herbal liqueurs – with Denis Franceschini, executive chef at NYC’s Bar Italia. He told me he had just the thing and returned with an awesomely minty digestif. So what was the magic recipe? Amaro shaken with fresh mint leaves. That was it.

Source: Amaro & Mint: The Easiest Holiday Drink You’ll Ever Learn

If you like candy-cane flavored beverages, the Stinger is a classic and easily/cheaply made just by shaking brandy with ice and some white creme de menthe and then straining over a cocktail glass—no fresh herbs required, just go easy on the creme de menthe. I suppose one could ruin a good Amaro instead of spoiling brandy with this process also instead of going out on the ice to buy fresh herbs.

But for me?  My recipe of choice:

  1. Scotch
  2. More Scotch