Apologies, Got Hit By a Truck

So much for the New Years resolution of “less injuries”… :/

I was cycling down the street when a truck exiting a condo parking lot decided they wanted to turn left more than they wanted to look left.  Broke my left collarbone, and have injuries to my right hand/forearm that required stitches.  I can’t do anything for 6 weeks, but thankfully it’s nowhere near as painful as broken ribs.

The driver left, but apparently came back.  I guess he reconsidered because there were multiple witnesses, some of whom chased him.  The cops told me he was ticketed as “witnesses confirmed my version”.   Reading between the lines, the driver tried to lie about events.

Getting the stitches removed will mark the end of the first two weeks, at which point I should be able to start on the trainer.  I was just starting to get a base level of fitness when this happened.  Thankfully this year I’ll be healed by the time I broke ribs last year, and less races means better fitness for the following year.

Salt in the wound about this?  I got home from the hospital to find that my internet was out.  It worked before I left for cycling, but something happened between then and noon.   I had a service call booked for tomorrow but a truck from the ISP just showed up to fix something on the pole and now I’m online again.  Just in time to get the next episode of “The Expanse” 😀