Upgrade Boring Bread Crumbs by Sauteing Them in Butter and Herbs

It’s a focused reverence that most chefs reserve for, say, caviar. Their signature rye crumbs are meant as a finishing touch—loaded with toasty, herby flavor to crown everything from braised chicken to long-cooked vegetables. “We treat them like you would a piece of meat, cooking them in oil, butter, and aromatics,” Carbone says. “They’re perfect for bringing another layer of texture and flavor to a dish that’s already been fully cooked.”

Source: Cook Your Breadcrumbs Like You Cook Meat (Oil, Butter, Aromatics)

  • Can we generalize this by just saying everything gets better when sauteed with a half stick of butter?
  • The first step is about crushing the breadcrumbs, but a food processor would be a lot easier