How to Join a Gym Without Getting Ripped Off

Gym memberships can be a pain in the ass. In theory, joining a gym should be like buying a car or a house: research, shop around, and ask the right questions. But many first-timers get suckered into paying a lot more money than they should. Here’s how you can avoid overpaying for a gym membership.

Source: How to Join a Gym Without Getting Ripped Off

The first factor for most of us is how accessible the gym is.  Getting across town can be a nightmare for traffic.  And the more convenient it is, the more likely you’ll get use of that membership.

Couple of things the article didn’t mention were to look into the local recreation center.  On a similar note, the YMCA/YWCA are non-profit, and often cheaper than a for-profit gym. YMCA/YWCA also have student discounts, senior discounts, and some scholarships for people who need them. They do ask from contribution from time to time, but usually pretty low-key.