No, Barre Classes Won’t Give You a Dancer’s Body

Barre is a fun, challenging, joint-friendly way to get a workout. But don’t buy into the hype; barre classes can’t make you look like a dancer.

If CrossFit was the workout of 2014, then surely 2015 is the season of “barre,” a workout women everywhere are flocking to. In Boston alone, you can take a barre class from PureBarre, FlyBarre, The Bar Method, and Exhale Core Fusion Barre. Not a member? Barre classes have been added to the schedules of yoga and dance studios all over the city.

The pricey classes draw ladies in by promising to “tone” problem areas and help participants develop a dancer’s lean physique—claims that have caused controversy. Having taken (and enjoyed!) a number of barre classes myself, I wanted to understand the science behind the advertisements.

Source: A Look Behind the Bar: Can Barre Classes “Sculpt” Your Body?

The only change will be the loss of body fat, so you’ll get to see your actual body structure.  Even in modeling there’s different aspects – a fitness model is not a runway model, etc.  Keep in mind to have some self-compassion if you find out you’re not the body type you wanted to be.