Study: Strength Training Really Does Help Your Running

…I’m happy to see a new meta-analysis that brings together the evidence on one particular aspect of this question: the relationship between strength training and running economy, which is the measure of how much energy you burn to run at a given pace. I’ve written before about evidence that strength training does indeed improve running economy, but you get a much clearer picture by systematically assessing all the available evidence rather than looking at individual studies.

Source: Strength Training for Running Economy

For a frame of reference, the average male has a VO2max of 35-40ml/kg min (the average is less for females); this meta analysis indicated an average increase of 2.32ml/kg min for elite athletes with a VO2max already above 60…

The study was a meta analysis of other studies, attempting to generalize results among the five publications that met their inclusion criteria. One of those criteria was that the participants had to have a VO2max above 60ml/kg min, placing them well above the average.

Generalizing these results to the average person may not be too valuable, especially when other training changes will likely cause a larger increase in VO2max….