Use Up Leftover Dregs of Peanut Butter by Making Hot Chocolate In the Jar

We don’t have to tell you about the frustration of getting the leftover dregs out of a nearly-empty jar—the peanut butter that hangs to the walls, the Nutella that clings to the bottom ridges.

It’s even inspired inventions: an angled spoon that fits perfectly into peanut butter jar ridges, a double-sided jar. But for all the custom spoons and specially-made jars, there will always, always be a little bit you can’t quite reach.

…we began to think about other ways to use the same technique—of adding a food into the jar—to make the most our dregs. Our favorite solution? Peanut butter hot chocolate.

Source: The Best Use for Your Empty Jar of Peanut Butter

This sounds like a great excuse to go eat a jar of peanut butter…