Turn Down Your Oven for Perfect Roasted Vegetables

When we talk about the Vegetable Revolution—you know, that whole thing where restaurants are cooking veg we actually want to eat—we place much emphasis on treating our veggie friends like meat. Sear them in a pan. Roast them in a hot oven. Char them on the grill. The idea is simple: Caramelization makes just about anything taste better, and aggressive cooking over high heat is the best way to achieve it. This is also why so many of our roasted veg recipes often call for a 400°-plus oven.

But lost in the whole “cooking veg like meat” conversation is the fact that, well, hot-and-fast isn’t the only way we like to cook our meat. And if low-and-slow cooking makes a succulent, fork-tender mess out of a pan full of short ribs, does it do something equally delicious to, say, a bunch of carrots?

Source: Stop Roasting Your Veg in a Screaming-Hot Oven

I’ve been preaching this with sweet potatoes for a long time. Dice them up into ~1/2″ cubes, or just cut into strips or rounds, then toss in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a ton of rosemary. Then just roast for about an hour in the 250-300 range. They get super sweet and decadent.