You Don’t Have a Procrastination Problem, You Have an Impulsivity Problem

Procrastination is like bad signal or crappy Wi-Fi. Everyone deals with it, but most of us don’t understand how it works. Here’s the key: It’s not that you have a problem saying yes to the thing you’re supposed to be doing right now. The problem is you can’t say no to everything else.

Source: You Don’t Have a Procrastination Problem, You Have an Impulsivity Problem

It’s not always the same for everyone! What you call procrastination may be what I’d call a lack of motivation. Brains are weird and we can’t really shoehorn everything into one or two words (or disorders) like we do. Even this article, for as much as I attempted to describe the nuance, can’t ever be fully accurate.

If your problem is that even when you have nothing else distracting you, you still can’t bring yourself to do it, then the problem may have less to do with your impulses and more to do with your motivation. Maybe ask yourself why that is. Do you dread the work no matter the circumstances? Maybe you need different work. Do you have trouble mustering the motivation to do anything? Maybe you’re suffering from some form of depression.

Frankly, “procrastination” is a pretty generic term. I’ve found in my life that the biggest problems I have aren’t that I hate the thing I’m doing. It’s that I like some other thing more, and its rewards are more immediate. Your mileage may vary, though! No matter how you break it down, though, the best way to beat your procrastination problem is to examine the way your brain thinks about it.