Country Microbes, City Microbes—Where You Live Can Change How You Get Sick

If you live in a city, each room of your house has its own distinct broth of microbes splattered all over its walls—most of it from your skin, mouth, and gut. But if you live in a rural area, this broth contains a lot more microbes from the environment outside. Now, scientists in the burgeoning field of “microbial biogeography” say this could help us understand why people in cities tend to develop diseases that are very different from people in the country.

Source: Country microbes, city microbes—where you live can change how you get sick

Just imagine that it is raining bacteria all the time and you want to keep your experiment dry…

Bacteria are all around, all the time. How many, and what kind, of course will depend on the environment in question. How bad they are for you depends on multiple factors as well. Genetics, general health, previous exposure, etc.  But most bacteria (by a wide margin) do not cause disease.