Two-Ingredient Cadbury Egg-Stuffed Croissants Are The Ultimate Easter Treat

I get emotional just thinking of what to make with crescent roll dough. That’s why, when I thought of the brilliant idea of snuggling a Cadbury Creme Egg inside a blanket of crescent roll dough and baking it up to gooey perfection, I practically leaped to the store to gather the goods. The finished product is just as absurdly tasty as you could imagine. The buttery, salty roll paves the way to rich milk chocolate. I think these taste like chocolate glazed doughnuts . . . inverted.

Source: Stuff Your Crescent Rolls With Cadbury Creme Eggs and You Won’t Be Sorry

Once you’ve mastered this tasty treat, try it with a different egg candy. Snicker’s Eggs, seem like a pretty good option…

Oh, and if you feel like this is “too far,” just remember that someone out there made a Cadbury Scotch egg, and thus do not know the meaning of the phrase.