Why Cocktail Glasses Really Matter

Q: Why Aren’t All Cocktails Served In The Same Glass?

A: Because it would taste terrible, and the glass would need to be way too large. 😉

The video never really answered, or even specifically addressed, if cocktail glasses really mattered (Beyond the psychological influence the quality/shape of the glass may have). She started out saying that some glasses may channel the scents into your nose to alter the flavor, but sadly never revisited that point in regards to the broader range of shapes/styles.

The opening relates to the nose, total volume vs actual serving also is a factor. For example, a balloon snifter’s shape allows your hand to warm it (conversely, you can use a warmer for the brandy) and mix with the air in the glass before you smell it. The use of a stem theoretically allows you to not have to hold the portion of the glass containing the drink, warming it up faster than expected. Serving a drink over ice or not would also be a factor, if you are loading it down with ice and mixers you would probably want a Collins glass, rocks glass if it is mostly spirit, etc.