Standing Can Also Be Bad For You, Says Scientist Studying Desk Set-up

If there’s anything scientists know about the best type of desk for an office worker’s long-term health, it’s that they don’t really know anything, according to a new analysis of the scientific literature on the matter.

After closely examining 20 of the highest quality studies about workplace interventions to reduce sitting time, which include standing, pedaling, and treadmill desks, researchers concluded that there simply isn’t enough data to say whether any of the alternatives are better that just plopping in front of a standard desk.

Source: Standing can also be bad for you, says scientist studying desk set-up

You know what happens when you stand up for too long?  Varicose veins…

You’d think we’d know by now that “everything in moderation” was some smart advice. We’re designed to work *and* rest. Not one or the other.  Obviously, the solution is to design a keyboard that runs around on its own, for which you have to hunt and throw spears at to type.