The Right Way to Breathe For More Powerful Weightlifting

In the weight room, the two most important things to consider are safety and how much you can lift. For some people, it’s one or the other, but with the right breathing techniques, you will be able to lift more weight effectively and do it without hurting yourself. Here’s how.

Source: The Right Way to Breathe For More Powerful Weightlifting

Low blood pressure (BP) in combination with the valsalva can lead to problems and health risks. Someone I knew had low BP who learnt this lesson when they were gently woken by concerned fellow lifters. My acquaintance did a deadlift close to their max, with breath held and bracing their core against the air in their lungs. After the lift, they exhaled and stood up.  Their BP dropped rapidly, and they blacked out – fell to the floor straight. They barely missed the weight plate stand with the side of their head with a foot or so.

Their solution to this was partial valsalvas, wheretheyI open my windpipe and mouth to slowly force out air but still having a lot of intra-abdominal pressure to brace against. When they get to the point where that is no longer enough they will probably try a good stiff lifters belt.