The Leery Beginner’s Guide To Yoga

I’ve never been more terrified about farting accidentally than I was before my first yoga class. It didn’t matter that I had been doing yoga in the comfort of my apartment for five (mostly) flatulence free months. The thing that I was most worried about when I walked into the modest yoga studio in my Brooklyn neighborhood was letting one rip.

Turns out I’m not the only one! When I talked with Lindsay Carson, a yoga instructor at my local Equinox, she brought it up before I could even ask. “Every guy tells me they can’t do yoga because they’ll fart in class,” she said, laughing. “Who decided this? You won’t! Even if you do, be a man and just move on. Yoga is about being comfortable in your own body.” Taking instruction to “be comfortable in your own body” may sound a little out there, but it turns out that’s what yoga is all about. And it’s totally worth it.

Source: The Leery Beginner’s Guide To Yoga

To those who’d say “Yoga is totally unnecessary. Just lift heavy, sprint hard, fuck your brains out and you’ll be way more relaxed and fit and than a million years of yoga.“:

I want to be the first to say that I appreciate the fit of your tank top, the slight crook of your backwards cap and how awesome it must be to be able to transport so many things in your cargo shorts.