Alton Brown Makes a Gallon of Carbonated Ice Cream in 10 Seconds Flat

Food Network star Alton Brown is about to start on his second national culinary variety show, the Eat Your Science tour. As he prepares to embark on his journey, he invited Popular Science to his secret workshop to see the Mega Bake and the Jet Cream, the stars of his first national tour, the Edible Inevitable tour.

Remember the good old days of egg creams? There’s just something about carbonation and ice cream that goes so well together. Brown has found a way to create carbonated ice cream using fire extinguishers and office water coolers, and it only takes 10 seconds to make. Behold, the Jet Cream.

Source: Alton Brown’s Jet Cream

There’s a video on that link, tad less than 5 minutes long.

I’ve seen him a couple times. Maybe 3-4 years ago we sat in the third row and I got a bit of frozen blueberry on my shirt when he did something similar with a smoothie and co2. The people right up front were given ponchos and they got covered.

He does a good live show. Even threw some shade on a couple Food Network personalities.