Mix Italian Dressing with Barbecue Sauce for the Perfect Marinade for Any Meat

My father never cooked a meat without some kind of marinade. He always used a slew of ingredients: salt, pepper, Season-All, Cajun seasoning, vinegar, olive oil, liquid smoke, Worcestershire, hot sauce, onions, lemons… I’m pretty sure this isn’t a complete list, but I’ve honestly forgotten the rest! It always tasted amazing, but the long list of ingredients was definitely a detriment whenever replicating the marinade.

One day, we were out of vinegar and he asked me to grab some Italian dressing instead; I was surprised when I couldn’t taste the difference despite the substitution. The same thing happened when he substituted barbecue sauce instead of liquid smoke… and that’s when the wheels in my head started turning. Using these two ingredients, I would be able to create something close to my father’s famous marinade—with far less hassle and only two ingredients!

Source: These Two Items Make the Only Meat Marinade You’ll Ever Need

The easiest way in the world to bake chicken is literally just put the chicken in a pyrex, dump a bunch of Italian dressing on it, and put it in the oven.

I was dubious about how this could work for so many types of meat, but the article explains the different marinating ratios. I’ll have to try this at my next cookout, which should be soon given the fair weather we’ve been having.