Your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Is a Bad Place to Keep Medicine

Oxygen, light, and water are among the substances that humans need to survive. However, those same life-affirming elements can be destructive if they’re present where many people keep their medications, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Take a look in your medicine chest. What’s there may trigger a nostalgic swing down memory lane: the cough syrup you used to give your toddler — now a teenager; the birth control pills you used to take before you hit menopause five years ago; and a trove of spotted or discolored pills, circa sometime in the 20th century.

Unlike Social Security numbers, which we use our entire lives, we’re not meant to hold on to medication for an eternity. But if you’re like many people, you probably do. Cleaning out the medicine chest — and making sure your medications are kept in places where they won’t deteriorate — will help protect you. Here are some pointers to help keep you vigilant.

Source: Storing Your Medicine

A two piece bathroom is probably fine, whereas a bathroom with a shower would be a different case.

I’ve covered the shelf life of warfarin/coumadin in the past.  The prescription my doctor gives me is only good for ~3 months.