Mysterious Mutants: 13 Masked People Should Have Devastating Diseases—But Don’t

With a deluge of DNA sequences pouring in from various studies, researchers diving in are finding that Mendelian genetics may be a lot muddier than expected. Wrinkled peas aside, certain bad mutations may not always be bad.

Source: Mysterious mutants: 13 masked people should have devastating diseases—but don’t

Given the population density on the earth it is highly likely you’ll find naturally evolving resilience to disorders and diseases before you’ll solve them through man-made solutions.

My only concern is the privacy level these types of tests require. No one wants to be outed as the golden goose or the unlucky person carrying a bunch of dormant super crippling disorders that could affect their progeny.  That said,  the same team that did this study is also launching a new study (with re-contact clauses) at