Using a Dyson Hand Dryer is Like Setting Off a Viral Bomb in a Bathroom

Bathrooms are a prime location for smearing disease-causing microbes all over your hands. Yet, despite societal pressures and prodding signage, a lot of people don’t clean their grimy mitts after a potty break. Some audacious folks just skip the sink all together, while others don’t wash for long enough (experts recommend singing “Happy Birthday” twice in your head) or omit the cleansing soap step. All of those sanitation-slackers threaten to spread disease—particularly in healthcare settings packed with vulnerable patients. But what the latter groups do to dry off their un-cleaned hands may end up setting off a germ bomb.

Source: Using a Dyson hand dryer is like setting off a viral bomb in a bathroom

Not surprising – the forced air hand dryers had been found to have this effect years ago.  The idea for both was to reduce waste & use of paper products, but paper products are recyclable and isolate microbes rather than spread them.