Leeks: How Much Vitamin K?

Sad news if you’re on warfarin/coumadin, and love leeks – they are quite high in vitamin K (cooked or raw):

  • 1 ounce/28 grams of cooked leek contains 7.1 mcg of vitamin K, 9 % Daily Value (DV)
  • ~3.5 ounces/100 grams of cooked leek contains 25.4 mcg of vitamin K, 32 % DV

If it’s a consistent part of your diet, your medication dose already covers it.  But you could save a bit on medication if you minimized (or stopped to eat an alternative).  Otherwise, like all other foods that are high in vitamin K that aren’t part of your consistent diet – I suggest that you eat after a blood test in hopes of having enough time to get your INR level back to the same level.  But that’s something I’d only suggest if your testing interval is upwards of a month.