Bake Delicious Bread, Low and Slow, Even Overnight

Low and slow is a cooking method usually reserved for meat, and goes against every convention of bread baking.

But bread baked in a low oven for eight to fourteen hours is very, very delicious: a cross between brioche, a toasted croissant, and the best Hawaiian roll you’ve ever had. Cooked this way, yeasted dough becomes light and feathery, with the not-insignificant amount of butter dispersed without any arduous lamination. After hours in the oven, the crust and crumb become a deep gold, but take on totally different textures: the outside toasty, the inside soft. It’s wild.

Source: How to Bake Bread While You Sleep

If you want an extra-crispy crust, Uri Scheft of Breads Bakery recommends cooking the kubaneh at 300°F for 15 minutes, then turning the oven down to 225°F.