Make Super Smooth Hummus By Adding a Little Baking Soda

Why is the best hummus always in restaurants, especially Middle Eastern ones?  I think I make a delicious, flavorful hummus that has a great consistency and is better than the ones you find in the supermarket.  But, it doesn’t compare to the silky, light and creamy hummus that I’ve had in restaurants.  I want that kind.  The kind that will drip, not plop, off your pita if you’re not careful.  The kind you can suck up with a straw.  You know what I mean.

Source: Supersmooth, Ligh-as-Air Hummus

Both a blender and a food processor can be used for emulsions, but it’s how they get to that point that makes a difference. I tend to stick to my blender for dressings, soups, sauces and spreads, and – with the exception of mayonnaise – my food processor is used more for chopping and making quick doughs.

A blender you say? Give that a whirl. 😉