This New Fake Leather Is Made From Tea

Researchers from Iowa State University have developed the unusual new form of synthetic leather using some rather normal ingredients. It’s made in shallow plastic tanks that contain cellulose fibers taken from kombucha tea, along with vinegar and sugar. When a colony of bacteria and yeast is added, the material grows on the top of the liquid’s surface. It can then be harvested and dried and—bingo!—teather! (Actually it’s not called teather, I just made that up. They actually call it “cellulosic fiber.” Teather is more fun.)

Source: This New Fake Leather Is Made From Tea

Actually, real leather is all of those things too.

…and a crapton more durable. …And doesn’t fall apart when wet.

What’s odd is that Kangaroo leather is the toughest stuff – high end football (AKA soccer) shoes are made of it.  Kangaroos are considered vermin in Australia, so why doesn’t someone kill two birds with one stone?  There was talk about selling the meat too…