Turn Apple Peels Into a Tasty, Sweet Snack in Minutes

One of the things that made flying cross-country with a toddler a bit more bearable was the free snacks handed out on the airplane. These little bags of treats helped maintain both my blood sugar level and acted as bribes to keep my daughter from roaming the airplane cabin.

My favorite discovery in the basket of snacks was cinnamon-sugar pretzel bites. Sweet and a tiny bit savory, these pretzel bites were addicting but really weren’t the healthiest option. What if I could take the same concept and make a healthier snack instead? Thus roasted cinnamon-sugar apple peels were born!

Source: Did You Know You Can Turn Apple Peels into a Delicious Snack?

Careful not to have to find out you’re allergic to cinnamon 😉

There’s also “apple bark”, which was basically.. this recipe from Martha’s site, with a little bit of nutmeg?

The Kitchn has another good write up from a while back about other things you can do with apple peels. In the fall, when we go apple picking and make about 400 million pies, I save some peels and make a potpourri.