Spruce Up Your Home Gym With Mirrors and Good Lighting

A home gym can definitely push you to achieve your workout goals—who doesn’t love the idea of getting in a quick jog while you wait for dinner to cook? When it’s that easy, your workouts will practically do themselves, right?

In practice, however, a home workout space presents some design challenges that can weigh down your workouts—literally. A cramped, expensive or dim room doesn’t exactly spur on a flurry of fitness, especially when it’s relegated to a tiny, untended corner of your home. But unlike getting fit, there’s an easy and quick solution here. Most home gym problems can be fixed through a few minor adjustments, which will put the spring back in your stride.

Source: 5 Sneaky Design Tips to Improve Your Home Gym

For the authentic gym atmosphere, add the soundtrack of  grunting of a muscle-bound lunker in a lift belt, dropping weights at the end of each set. Bonus if he’s constantly suggesting corrections to your form.

Kidding aside, mirrors trick into looking like there’s more space.  But they are also a great tool for self assessment and correction, once you get past being self-conscious.