Avoid “Success Isolation” By Seeking New Companions As You Move Up

Isn’t it interesting how we all want to be successful, but when the opportunity comes, many of us shy away? Mentally, we tell ourselves we can’t do something, while conflicting pressures from others make it easy to give up. What were once perceptions about fear can quickly become reality. So, see if any of the following reasons keep you from pursuing your dreams and facing them head-on. When you do, you’ll realize that you were stronger than you ever believed.

Source: 5 Fears You Might Not Realize Are Holding You Back (And What To Do)

Some are likely to read the article and think it’s another way of saying “Oh, I’m doing better now, time for new, upper class friends. All the other losers I hang with should be dumped immediately!”  There’s a difference between a social climber, and listening to sabotage/sour grapes.

After breaking a collarbone, it was almost 3 months before I could get back into the pool.  Even then, it was more than a month of experiencing pain/discomfort besides seeing how much strength/stamina/ability I’d lost because of being immobile for 3 months.  I was asked to move up lane, because I was starting to lap people in the current one.  The following swim, I was made told that I thought I was fast…  I’ve had similar experiences with cycling.

It stands to reason that improvement could lead to distance because you can no longer keep in contact with people you previously did.  You can’t talk about the same things.  From my experience, I think the issue stems from the relationship not actually being what I thought it was.  I’ve read about “diet sabotage” and such, but I think it was always there – people just weren’t as forthright about it.